Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Life Drawing October

 Blinded by the light
okay storytelling poses, need to push and add head tilts

 the model showing off his new phone

weight lift premonitions

The start of Ecorche anatomical drawing. I start hitting the more accurately but I also had a pad or so of the fun, bananas stuff like I did in the summer.

Life Drawing September

All summer I've worked graphically, starting to roll form into volumes, and beginning to deal with the scary idea of perspective and grids.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Painting Project 1

Our painting prof's awesome and really relaxed, and we've been learning how to emphasize the focal point pushing contrast (both value and colour), hue intensity and lines of action

Layout Homework Assignments: learning how to draw!

draw some chairs
 now put figures in them

(wait how do people sit exactly?)

now have to characters interacting

 draw a Dodge Charger 1966 and a 67' Mustang from Bullitt

now add a figure for scale

I've been studying how to draw and not just getting them done....but then again I haven't really gotten any finished.
I'm glad I've been learning so much, but half of that should be applying it in more complete drawings; making a statement after I've collected the subtle details.

Next step: pushing camera angles, applying solid drawing to interesting compositions, and clean up