Thursday, 28 November 2013

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Heros and Villains Process

Character Design
'Knights of Early Modern Europe'


'Ear De-Waxer Mister Klean'


Term 1 Production Update

Action Analysis
to Music!
'All You Need Is Love'
I wanted to Animate to a piece of music for my Action Analysis piece, bringing some of the development I did during a summer painting/cinematography class to the table. After weeks of working and reworking the story to fit the parameters of the assignment I chose to go with this.
A Hippy peacefully protests the destruction of a local theatre, an important landmark to the community and prime real-estate for development.
I'm having a great time exploring demolition vehicles and I feel like i'm playing with yellow trucks and bulldozers like an 8 year old again.

Some exploration:

First version of Character Design:

Opening Pan:

 Group Film Project
'Birds of A Feather'

the following image is written and organized by myself features are from Cale Morin and Cav Yip

The rest's all me :D

Jaques the greedy business owner:

Stephan our humble protagonist:

Thanks for checking my stuff out! It really means a lot.

Stay tuned

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Playing With Ink

Tim McCormack is coaching us to life-draw for animation, I'm having a lot of fun experimenting but at the same time understand the importance and role that draftsmanship plays in a solid drawing.

I've fallen in love with Henrich Kley's Ink drawing, his political illustrations are so vibrant but informed, his scribbles are clear and masterful and his content is diverse, riske, and hilarious.

We're going to the Winter Fair this week and I'm excited to bring out some ink and coloured pencil, with a $1.50 construction paper sketch pad and a printer paper full clipboards!
Media's so fun, it's a great change from the last two years I neglected it falling into the col-erase and guouche caverns, let the rivers of colour run rainbows!