Saturday, 9 November 2013

Term 1 Production Update

Action Analysis
to Music!
'All You Need Is Love'
I wanted to Animate to a piece of music for my Action Analysis piece, bringing some of the development I did during a summer painting/cinematography class to the table. After weeks of working and reworking the story to fit the parameters of the assignment I chose to go with this.
A Hippy peacefully protests the destruction of a local theatre, an important landmark to the community and prime real-estate for development.
I'm having a great time exploring demolition vehicles and I feel like i'm playing with yellow trucks and bulldozers like an 8 year old again.

Some exploration:

First version of Character Design:

Opening Pan:

 Group Film Project
'Birds of A Feather'

the following image is written and organized by myself features are from Cale Morin and Cav Yip

The rest's all me :D

Jaques the greedy business owner:

Stephan our humble protagonist:

Thanks for checking my stuff out! It really means a lot.

Stay tuned

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