Friday, 4 November 2011

It's not time to pretend, JUST DO IT

I can no longer pass-in things that I deem adequate and get excellent marks, and why would I want to? Upon receiving the first volley of marks I can see my strengths in Life drawing and Storyboard and my negligence and time management in many of my other classes. There are so many avenues of art, music, live bands, hipster concepts, literature, and even life drawing mirrors fitness training and yoga, painting explores life's subtle visual.
I need to get better at time management. Of course! Who doesn't? and yes I know the busy person gets the most done, and happiness is a key to success and flow, staying on top is easier than catching up but where I'm going to attack this first is workflow. Labelling pages, not trying to cram so many drawings to the page when I'm feeling out a character pose or layout, I'll try Erik Tiemens' thumbnail painting technique.
I personally want to work on my proportion and structure, keeping loose and with action lines but being aware of the simple shapes and fusing them together with clarity. My well-loved, fragmented style can sprout from this but structure is harder to foster from fragments.
 I went to Canzine two weekends ago and saw first hand how liberating zines are to get ideas out there and start a visual conversation with viewers.
I have always felt like I've had great ideas and stories but too many that they formed a sea of ideas none standing out with completion or special advantage.

I will post my workflow for my character posing tomorrow and my california sketch book by next Thursday. Royal Winter Fair Whoop Whoop!

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