Monday, 16 January 2012

Those Lyrical Lines of Action

         I've been struggling to find the right lines, I guess I always have but it wasn't until last year that I discovered and went on a messy quest for those lyrical lines of action. 
Peter de Seve said beauty and life can be found in these exploratory doodles but meaningful lines can't always be found in some of my thumbs and my life drawings can get kinda messy.

         I think that's one of the reasons I like colour, cause I can go crazy with it and it can look okay 
         cause the lines are found with colour before I pop the darks and lights.

I've been trying to improve my line economy, stylization and have a bit of reference to life drawings golden principles of structure and proportion.

TIPS from pals are INVALUABLE 
      Luke- confident lines 'you need to be bold with your lines, even if they're wrong. One day they'll be the right ones if you don't get lost worrying about correcting them, work around your mistakes.'
      Chris- have fun and do stuff you like 'try drawing the model costumed, as the opposite sex, different weight, in colour, do stuff you like so it doesn't get boring and mechanical. Cause that isn't art'
      Naddya said 'draw 30sec gestures of the face, and try to use shapes instead of realistically copying the figure, this is the basis of caricature and birth of showing their likeness. make split second judgments about their personality or at least that of the character you're making them into.'

I've also been drawing some skeletons inside of my life drawings, for 5's and 10's and looking at a page of proportions of each bone in relation to head height (

Life and dynamism is what I strive for but clarity is good storytelling. I dislike clean drawings so i'll continue to search for style and emotion amongst the mess. 
Scribbles have more life than squares.

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