Sunday, 8 January 2012

Year 1// Semester 1 DUMP

          Character and Animation
    I haven't been updating my blog as often as I change my socks. This is sorta cause i share the idea that novice artist's seem to think their work stinks cause of their potentially good taste. and that whole fourth dimension had something to do with it.
        I hope I can post as many projects as I can, so hopeful students, like I was for the past two years can see    
   what we're doing in the program. 
                        And start to form a body of Animation work to complement my Illustrations         


Funzo posing exercise
~Geezer Anthony~

I wanted to try something

a little less fun and lively
 the hardest to do were mock-crying, and the reflective sadness
Line Quality is always a challenge

Rats vs Campus Raccoon: Quest for the leftover Thai Express
in the style of :

“In so many ways, Sorel's work has been a kind of life raft for me.
 As I groped to find my own style and fought the temptation
 to render things to a rigor mortis finish, his illustrations were always
 a reminder to me of the beauty in errant lines; the ones you have
 to put down on the page while you search for your subject.
I have always
 loved drawings that reveal that process.”
                 -Peter de Seve

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