Sunday, 13 May 2012

Character Design Package Year 1 sem 2

This was an awesome learning process piece, I think my final model pack has hints at the things I learned but it was still obvious that I was wrestling with structure and proportion :(.
 I really wanted to learn from this and practise workflow more than anything because I felt like I've half assed some of my work before, or not really focussed on the process just trying to whip up a final piece.
I did a lot of research.
I went to the zoo and got to learn about the kind orangutans.
I printed off sheets of orangutan pictures
Their bodies are insanely close to humans. they are casual acrobats, they have enormous strength and intelligent sophistication in their movement.
The mother was 45 years old! she was huge, had some health problems and mostly lay around. the child was very agile and inquisitive.
 My initial idea for the character was a flamboyant old homeless woman who's a sweetheart, but this later developed into an old haggard woman with the personality of a little girl, which allowed me to have some poses like playing mommy with the shoes but really stretch the novice aspect when trying to dress up and play with makeup to seem grown up. A very ethical portrayal of young women I know, but I mean it was ironic in the sense that she's trying to look pretty with garbage and things she finds in a dump.

I named her Martie but I think Francine or Mildred or Haggatha or Bonnie might work better. so basically anything but haha.

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