Sunday, 13 May 2012

Character Timeline

I had this Deep and Grand idea for my timeline which actually held back my progress. I wanted to make a character that really said something evolving from the bowels of the in sequence poop. I have recently realized that I should be more aware and active with aboriginal culture as a Canadian, I wanted to offer a portrait of a life affected by residential schools.
Most of my friends were pushing their character skills, which was the point of the project, I was pushing symbolism but because I had become so attached to the idea I had trouble finding a strong character. And procrastinated the actual drawing
So what developed was an all nighter.

I still learned a lot from James Ghio ( who taught me character design workflow applying those life drawing habits. I also did research, and learned how REFERENCE IS INVALUABLE. Milt Kahl apparently is the disney king of animal drawing would study animals ferociously and used Muybridge frame by frame reference who's grids acted as precise measuring tools.

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